Monday, March 5, 2012

Top of my head

So, I haven't been on here in forever and trying to blog what is going on and keeping people up to speed seems intimidating. If I have to do that I may not ever come back. So, i decided if there is a topic that came to mind I would just blog about it. Also, one of my "friends" told me I was ranting on Facebook. hmmmm Well, since I have been pregnant i have been more outspoken but ranting? Whatever, I'll just rant on my blog instead. lol
So, tonight's topic. Crafter etiquette. I have tried really hard to make my living crafting. Not a big living but I can't work right now so I try to contribute to my family in this way. I have been more successful at it that I first thought. I recognize that none of us our born with the crafter skills. We have to learn it somewhere. But, a lot of things I do are self taught. i had to figure it out myself and invest time and money trying to do so. Joe is also a HUGE help. If I can't figure something out he will sit down with me and we will figure it out together. I get REALLY frustrated when friends or random people ask me to show them how I do something that I do that I make money at. I may be wrong but it really annoys me. If it's someone that already knows how to do it and they have a shop, too, it's okay to ask for tips and tricks. that's kinda "shop talk". I know i have asked other people technique questions and they have been asked of me and somehow that feels different. But, to straight up ask me how I do the whole thing because you want to make it yourself at home kinda rubs me the wrong way. If you are my friend don't start a business doing the same thing i do. I have a ton of talented friends with craft businesses that are all different and it's kind of an unspoken rule to not do the same thing the other does. I may be really wrong about this and may feel different after a good nights sleep but that's how I feel tonight! lol